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gallery name:   The Ridges at Village Creek State Park | Wynne, Arkansas




The State of Arkansas took ownership of the golf course at Village Creek State Park in Wynne, Arkansas after the course laid dormant for more than a year shortly after opening for play.  The park property runs atop a significant geographical feature of eastern Arkansas--Crowley's Ridge--jutting up from the flat delta farm lands along the Mississippi River 40 miles east of the park.  With rolling hills and fairways that cut through forested ridges, the course is truly beautiful.  However, one of the greens had significant problems.  Water runoff was causing erosion issues, the surface of the green had few hole locations because there was too much movement in the putting surface, and the overall condition of the green was in bad shape.  Arkansas State Parks called Watermark Golf/Nathan Crace Design to find a workable and economic solution. 

Nathan devised a plan that would drop the finished elevation of the new green nearly three feet to create catch basins to divert water while make the green nearly 50% larger and much more playable.  Additionally, new bunkers and catch basins were added to the new green to contain errant shots--there was a nearly 40' drop-off to the left of the original green!  The new entry road to the golf course was also going to be built along a ridge left of the new green and Nathan felt it was important that the new green looked world-class since it would be the first thing golfers would see when entering the property.  However, the final design for the road moved it to the other side of the ridge and the green is not as easily visible from the entrance as originally planned.  The end result of the project is a large playable green that is more receptive and much easier to to maintain.

The course was originally called Village Creek State Park GC, but renamed The Ridges at Village Creek before re-opening for play.

A photo gallery is included below.

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  Click on the photos below to enlarge and view photos of the renovation/re-design work.

We'll be adding more photos as the project progresses. Please check back for updates.

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