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Thank you for taking a few minutes from your day (or night) to take the following Refuge Player Survey.  This is a quick survey that we have made available on-line so that our valued customers may provide us with anonymous information which can help us to evaluate the performance of our staff and to ensure that we continue to provide you with the excellent course conditioning & services you desire.

Note:  Of course, all of the information you provide to us in this survey will remain strictly confidential and only for the use of our staff to evaluate our performance.  No information will be provided to third parties and you will not be contacted by our staff.


The information you are providing in this survey is for a round of golf you played at The Refuge on:

          Was this a Holiday?

The weather/condition was        

When you played, golf carts were        

How did you make your tee time?    

When was your tee time?             

Did you tee off:        If late, by how many minutes:  

We teed off late due to:

How would you rate the pace of play (the target for an 18-hole round at The Refuge is 4 hrs, 18 min)?
Good -- we completed our round on-time
Okay -- it took a little longer than expected to complete our round
Acceptable -- our round took longer than usual, but the course was very busy
Poor -- our round was too long and for no apparent reason other than slow play

Is the round specified above the first time you have played golf at The Refuge? 

How did you hear about The Refuge? (check all that apply)

Advertising         Friend, family or co-worker        Noticed course from Airport Rd.

If you selected advertising above, please specify the type (check all that apply):

Twitter          Regional golf publication           Radio          Facebook

Other Social Media           Flyer in hotel/motel           Hotel golf package

Flyer in Mississippi Welcome Center          Direct mail/Email Blast           Internet search engine  

A specific web site (other than a search engine)

          If you selected a specific Internet site above, which one(s):


Please answer the following questions on a scale of 1 to 5 (1=lowest/bad and 5=highest/good):

    a.  Level of customer service/golf shop staff 

    b.  Appearance of clubhouse and clubhouse grounds 

    c.  Cleanliness of golf carts 

    d.  Appearance and quality of driving range 

    e.  Pace of play on the golf course  

    f.  Courtesy of starters and course marshals 

    g.  Overall condition of the golf course 

    h.  If you ate at The Refuge Grill, please rate the quality of the food 

NOTE: If you rated any of the above as a "4" or lower, please tell us more about your decision in the general comments section below.

Would you play golf at The Refuge again? 

Would you recommend The Refuge to someone you know? 

Your e mail address* here:  
*We will not supply your e-mail address to any third parties!  It is only for us to contact you if we need clarify one of your responses!

If you have additional comments, please share them with us in the space provided below.  Be specific about your thoughts, suggestions, and compliments:

Thank you for taking the time to fill out The Refuge Player Survey.  We appreciate
your help and look forward to seeing you on the course again soon!

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